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[January 24, 2022] TEDCO's The Leading Edge: Tammi Thomas with James Brinkley II, IPGen

Watch now to learn more about James and how IPGen can help startups and established companies alike.


[January 13, 2022] TEDCO's Social Impact Funds Fuel Maryland Tech Startups

Watch now to learn more about IPGen’s early struggles with funding and how TEDCO impacted IPGen and many other companies.


[September 28, 2021] FUEL Ep 5: Celebrating Every Small Win - with James Brinkley II, Founder and CEO of IPGen; Hosted by: Leila Ansart, Leadership Impact Strategies

Watch now and learn more about James’s journey and how celebrating every small win is super important.


[September 3, 2021] IPGen: Linktree to Episodes of IPGen’s Docuseries “IPGenius”

Tune in as camera and film crews have documented the highs and lows of operating a black-owned tech startup and the race to launch – from start to finish.


[September 1, 2021] IPGen: All of the Lights…

Announcement of the release of IPGen’s docuseries, “IPGenius,” and where you can find it airing.


[September 9, 2020] LexisNexis Announces Fifth Cohort of Legal Tech Accelerator Participants

Introduction to the ten members of the fifth round of the LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator program.


[July 6, 2020] TEDCO’s Builder Fund Invests 450k in Eight Startups

Companies selected for the Builder Fund qualify for investment and/or executive support to better position the company to receive follow-on, professional investment.


[July 17, 2019] Introducing the 1863 Emerge Tech Summer Cohort

A deeper look inside of why 1863 Ventures does the Emerge Tech Accelerator and the participants of the 2019 Summer Cohort.


[December 3, 2017] Access to Justice: Mitigating the Justice Gap

Access to justice remains one of the fundamental principles of the rule of law.

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