IPGen has created a suite of features designed to work for anyone involved in the patent process…even the most novice user. This allows users to seamlessly use IPGen’s multi-layered platform in every step of the patent process, with little to no learning curve.

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End-to-End Patent Lifecycle Management

Proactive, methodical management of a patent application from initiation through award, compliance and maintenance. Implementing PLM can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency.

Step-by-Step Guide & Walk-Through for Drafting and Prosecution

Allows users to seamlessly navigate through the drafting and prosecution processes by providing the knowledge and tools to do so.

Analytics/Streamline/Automation Tools for Drafting and Prosecution

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language generation tools that boost efficiency and reduce costs exponentially. (coming soon and rolled out during upcoming software releases)

Social Network

Enables users to communicate and connect with each other through various filters/parameters.

Community Forum Posting/Interaction

Users can come together at a central location to share their ideas, opinions, questions, and concerns.

Private Direct Messaging

A private communication channel between users.

Private Collaboration

Users can work together with a user who is a member of their company, any other user on the platform, or invite someone to the platform for collaboration purposes.

Status Tracking

Allows users to track the progress of their patent process and receive notifications for deadlines and upcoming events.

Patents Dashboard

Provides at-a-glance views and key performance indicators relevant to the users production on the platform.

Document Management

Allows users to receive, track, manage, and store documents.

Tasks & Workflows

Allows users to keep track of the things they need to do, as well as what others may need to do.

Customer Support

Provide top-notch support when users have trouble or need assistance with our products or services.

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